Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Vlogging tips and Ideas for Shooting on Location

Vlogging has become a big part of blogging.

Here are a few tips on setting up a great video when you are shooting on location.
Pay attention to the lighting on your face when you are outside so that people can see your beautul face. 
When the sun is high is the sky it is more dificult to fil in the natural light.
I find that mornings or right before sunset have lovely cool light to get a nice naural shot.
Remember to keep the sun behind or your face will be in the shade.
Be mindful of the back ground so that the shot has some visual interest.
Your viewers will thank you for it.

Part 1: Lighting


Part 2: Ideas for Vlogging on Location Part 2 

Vlog Location Ideas.
1. Amazing Backdrops
2. Interviews with Family off the CUFF
3. Catching Interviews with Strangers
4. Shopping Centers (Topic is relative to location)
5. Opposites Attract (Use a location completely different from your Topic)

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